Looking back at 2019 and 2020 in New Zealand

New Zealand has announced its lockdown in response to the Covid19.

Life of day 3: It is a chance to have the things done while lockdown! Pretty positive

Looking back to 2019

I was…


・ Lead by the emotions

 ・Believing that my way was right

・ Taking things too easy
・ Not able to keep Sub-contractors under control
・ Allowing the mistakes by not thoroughly going through details
・ Possibly not allocating the right person in the right place
・ Investing into things that would not lead to future result

7 million sales

About 20 houses

Well, I think we were able to get a number that was almost close to what we hoped to be at the beginning, but I’ve made a list of things that need to be improved, including the past 11 years.


Write a list that will come true !!

In respond to COVID19 )

All fixed costs shall be reduced

-Receive government assistance as much as possible

Internal strength )

Acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of the company and seek understanding from employees .

・ Each employee to focus on their strength

・ Determine the role of each member not interference otherwise.
Have the skilled ones on the run , but need someone who will have all under control

Employment Agreement )

Focus on the capability

Evaluation )

1. Ability X enthusiasm X idea = result (Inamori style)

2. Thoroughness and NT can be done (does not increase work and leads to textbook creation)

3. Assess comprehensive and reproducible results,

Do not evaluate people who repeatedly make mistakes (including all the same principles, lack of preparation, lack of confirmation, lack of backup).

・ Three major elements of manager are very important when planning new project

About 20 million sales

About 40 houses

Well, these numbers are good, and it’s important that you do what you can, and the numbers will come later. Otherwise, it is not very good if the number comes first. . . .


Future investment)

-Do not overdo future investment or new initiatives that will affect the main unit.

・ When doing something like a JV, keep details clear including basics, relationships, mechanisms, exit strategies, accounting

I’ve tried a lot, but I don’t think the money is at the bottom of the table,

I like architecture, and I like to work with friends around the world . That would not be a big burden.

What I am thinking about now is the global deployment of designs that do not matter much . Even so, there is an exchange between the offices, and it is like a mechanism for mutual study from there, but if it can be done, I think that it can be used as a bridgehead and various developments can be made.

Utilizing the strength of Japan Homes’ connection, the company plans to expand into fields such as construction management, commercial expansion, and real estate sales. Finallyl, I think we will be solidifying our foothold in New Zealand, but if there is a chance, we will continue to do so in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

JV in New Zealand and Overseas

JOINTVENTURE is an interesting way of providing service while three parties form and start the business. It’s been quite a while since I first started thinking about this JV business concept.

I believe we are about to start up something very exciting and thought to keep a summary.

JV…. So usually it is all the complication of the technical part of the business that slows down the whole process.

Then what is the base of the successful JV?  Like marriages, “trust” is all that matters.

However, I have heard many cases where the honesty and trust easily turned down.

Then let’s learn from the lesson and make a wiser business decision.

Many Japanese companies have come to New Zealand, but many have failed. What I think the reason? It is the easy belief or trust one has.

Why can trust be an obstacle?

I think this will be very useful when doing business in New Zealand and overseas.

In nutshell,

Why are we sharing?

OP Provide Comfortable and Affordable housing
WHY I want to share the benefit with everyone
Combined sales (see below)


Company name New service name
Service name New service name


Decide roughly by 1/4
Contract signed by 1/5
Start on 1/6

Think with people, things, money

Keyperson : Scholar in NZ

<Team license>
1. licenses
2. Connections

JPH : Operation team

1. Actual field operation

2. Sales expansion to individual customers, including JPH clients

Japanese company:
1. Equipment supply Unit
2. Activity funding

Other collaborators


Where does the Responsibility go?

NZ Keyperson : None
Japan Homes : Partially
Japanese company : None

When a Japanese company expands their business overseas, it is important to be aware of
the contents in the contracts.

It is often the case that you fund money, you will be responsible, ending up in such a mess. I believe when starting up the business in NZ, responsibility and debt recovery should be held up on the local based (NZ)people and companies.



・ What about sharing?

So this is pretty important.
Even if it goes well, it will get twisted.
Even if it doesn’t work, it will get twisted.

It is difficult to ask before the contract, but it is essential to confirm them carefully here.


Service (not guaranteed due to initial investigation)

Service type and content

Clarification of responsibility


DIRECTOR Japan Homes

Japan Homes
NZ Keyman Scholar 

Profit distribution
We plan to generate profits in fields that are not related to Japanese companies, etc., but we also want to share there and hope for the development of each member.


Confirmation of motives of each member: This is also very important.

After all, why do you want to do it? Will always be a motivation to follow.

Japanese company
1 .Wanting to expand its services by bearing the risks.
2. Can the right of use (exclusive right) in NZ be granted to the new company (Japan Homes)?

Keyperson scholar in NZ:
1. Been studying the services for a long time, very keen on the involvement of the commercialization. Injury maybe a risk.
2. If we get on track, we can expect further expansion of services which interests him

Japan Homes
1. I believe it is necessary to take advantage of my main business, so I want to do it.
2. Start-up requires sales people and those who does field work, which we can utilise our strengths.
3. After the main service, I think it would be interesting to find a model that can be expected to develop and generate profits from side services.

・ Exit strategy

Every 3months : Report meeting
After Six months : Meeting to see how it is going
After 12 months : Decision to be made