I have given the instruction 3years ago!!

A strong word from Professor Ichikura’s lecture. The president of a good growing company is currently creating the future. The question was, how can they do that without taking the president’s time in the event of an immediate emergency? His answer was, “Everything is under control because I gave the instructions three years ago.”

I think this is cool. The speed these days are a little too fast, so I think it will be enough even a year ago. Most importantly, we must always take the initiative, be aware of the signs of change, make many decisions and prepare very well.

Mr. Ichikura always makes the decision, that is the president’s job. Employees are the ones to take those actions. The company where the president runs and take actions is weak and easy to collapse.

It has been about 3-4 months since I heard this word. I think of this word everyday and try follow his word. Things are getting better. In the past, I used to leave various decisions to others, but now it’s different. I believe that the president should make all the important decisions. In particular, I think the president should focus on the following decisions.

1. Creating the future 2. Handling complaints 3. Hiring and training


1. Have everything prepared so that I can say that everything is under control because I gave instructions 1 year ago.

2. The job of the president is to make decision.

3. Focus should be on future creation, complaint handling, human resource and  development

The story of Miss KYABAKURA(Hostess Club) who became TOP among 3000 hostesses

Recently, I have been receiving more and more concerns about the future from women or female friends including hostess friends at the hostess club.

There is a story I like that seems to be useful at these times. I read it in a business book somewhere, but I cannot remember where … I cannot find it on the internet either, so I will write it down in NOTE.

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The story needs a little preface, but as Adler says

100% of your worries are interpersonal relationships. 

Ultimately, if you are the only one on earth, you will not care about clothes or educational background. Also, the other person does not care about you as much as you think.

Some people may not like their faces and abilities, but life is a theatre, like riding a gambling train until you die. If you are unlucky, your bet (selection) was wrong, then THE END.

When you think of life as gambling, your face and abilities are the first five cards in mah-jong and poker.

There is no point in complaining about the distribution and the cards dealt. It will not improve the results nor will be any supporters.

The most interesting part in life is, even with a card like a pig, if your next card is good, and with ingenuity, you can beat the opponent who has a stronger card. 

Life is a gambling train, so luck can make a big difference.

I’ve lived for 46 years, but in order to get lucky on the gambling train, I think that the best way to think about it is to “live a healthy life loved by God .”

People who are loved by God are those who enjoy the game without complaining to the players around smiling but GIVE than RECEIVE, even though it is an unpleasant arrangement. I love the flowers blooming in the other person’s heart, even though it is nothing that I benefit from. God would like a healthy person like this.

And, in my experience, God really gives me a lot of PRESENT.

The word PRESENT in English means NOW and GIFT.

PRESENT= a gift. So, cherish this moment “now and here”. God may be angry, if people are not smiling and all the unpleasant the worst can happen.

Because it’s the worst to just receive a PRESENT from another person and not thank or thank him. Such a person will not usually attract the opposite sex. 

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Returning to the main subject,

The story was about 1 girl(Hostess) who worked in a Hostess club in Hokkaido, who became the top Hostess among the 3000 girls.

Her face was normal. There were even more good looking girls. It seems that her personality, her feelings, and her concern were also normal. However, there is a story that shows why this hostess became the TOP.

When the customer gave her a tip of 10,000 yen, she would refuse. Normally, anyone would like to receive more. .. .. .. However, after the customer persistently asked her to, “Please take the tip.”, she would always refuse.

The she would rather tell the customer, “Then, can you give me only 1000 yen?” The customer will be “What? Why?” surprised. Then the girl whispers in his ear,

“Because it’s your precious money, I want to spend it carefully. So, I want you to rather eat your favourite ramen and spend on yourself. I’m happy just that.”

This was already grasping the man’s heart and feeling. However, this was not just the end. The next time she meets the customer, she would tell him

“This is the precious money change from last time.”

Then she would return the change.

This is not the about the amount of money, “My heart is talking”

There aren’t many girls like this anymore, and because of their “attractiveness as a person”, it won’t be a battle with a hostess who only has the good looks.

Hostess club is a place to enjoy the feel of romance therefore such story is the true essence in the business. I believe business = partial pseudo-marriage, so this story is also useful in business.


1. GIVE more than what you receive

2. Enjoy pseudo-romance and partial pseudo-marriage

3. Focus on the true attractiveness as a person

From the perspective of architecture, a person can ruin the city, or a pervert that may bring the city back to life.

I have been thinking what I can do, how I can contribute to revitalize Japan. It may sound exaggerated but seriously, I start talking to the investors.

Mr. D, an investor talked me in for 2hours…

 “Atami is totally dead”  “BnB has no future”
So narrow it down to the cities that is profitable, do whatever you want to do, and move on to the next place.

As expected, such statement comes from someone whose background went through robbing, exploiting, discriminating for 500 years.

 >> In the end, I got it.
 The story itself is quite rational and easy to understand.

The background and culture are basically not considered. From the perspective of whether or not you will make money in the short term. Basically, only people who are at a minimum should be happy.
That is the correct answer, of course. It is considered by some to be the right choice.

However, I have been wondering such thoughts or decision won’t make everyone in the long run. I felt sick about the thought of not being able to make the fun decision that eventually bring happiness in life for the people.
I went to the beach for a walk……

Actually, there is no correct answer to it. 

In a foreign land, if I thought only to make a profit, ignored the feelings of people and the ambience and culture of the town, just kept on building for the beneficial of investors…move on to the next location….
After 100 years, how will my grandchildren be? Will they ever get any support from someone? This came across my mind. That is not only the reason, but I was able to grasp the greatness of Japan’s ancestors. 

A hundred years ago,  “exploitation and killing” was for the benefit of its homeland for them.
On the other hand, as an individual person who now have a little time to spare , acted by thinking about what they could do to the extremely poor people in front of them.

When it comes to making a decision, one thing that matters.
“don’t let your grandchildren laugh as a person in future generations.”

With that in mind, I thought about the differences with
the ethnic groups who mainly adhered to the development of local people, such as hospitals, infrastructure, education, political systems, etc., which advanced the local modernization .

Taiwanese and Filipino people(Japanophilo) who put their profits and losses aside and yet can do various things for the benefit of others….are still here.

I felt…

“The soul remains” that is far more valuable.


There are people who asks. Is there anything that we can do for the city that is dead? 

While taking a walk, I talked with I, who loves design, and M, who loves Japan.
They both said,
” I want to do it because the city is dead”
They must be crazy!

Life becomes interesting and exciting because such people with craziness does exists. If life is only about making 1+1=2, we cannot make a life theatre but becomes dull.

If everyone were just rational, it would never be fun but lonely. 
There may be something that we can do. That was it.

I thought it is not too bad to be a pervert!


Atami, which was incredibly famous in Japan, came down due to the rise of foreign countries, but it was also because it was developed by investors/companies from speculative purposes.

Also, it is a city that has been damaged by speculations such as giving a high image and thinking only by adhesion, ignoring all the scenery and culture of the city.

Atami was once the most favourite place to visit for everyone. It takes only 40 minutes by bullet train to the hot springs and the sea and Mt. Fuji from Tokyo. It is really close, so it’s easy to go, and I think it’s a hidden gem. For me personally, my favourite is always the 8th in the class.

After all, “passion that cannot be yielded” is the true freedom.  “I like the idea of pervert that goes beyond immediate profit and loss.”

The city is connected to the past, present and future, not just our own at present. With that in mind, I shall plan what I want to do.

The form of love that people around you show when choosing a way of life (especially work)

“See the reality, choose the solid path.”

That is what people tell you, they do care about you when saying this.

This word is quite heavy.

People like to say “ It is better for the future, it is better for the family”

I wonder…Can they take responsibility in their words or other’s choice and decision?”

The most devastating moment is when you are told that “My life was very boring because of you”.

Who knows, your partner may have an affair and leave. Who knows, they may get sick unexpectedly and cost you arm and leg for the medical expense ?

I am not saying you should make a selfish decision. I wonder what it will be like if you live by suppressing your true feelings, or if you care too much about the others. Is it ok to have such strong constraint in your feeling?

If you look at companies, schools, and households where the world is severely constrained or detained, you may see some fragmentary answers.

On the contrary, when the family member decide to challenge,

“I will do my best for you, so don’t worry about your home, do whatever you want.”

“I’m confident I’ll be happy being with you”, so do whatever you like

“I am with you even if we are out on the street without the roof”

There are quite a few strange people who say that.

Of course, these may be heavy words too, though at least, it has been said with respect and accept the other person’s thoughts as much as possible. I think it is deep word.


Realistically speaking

Collapse of lifetime employment

The rise of meritocracy

Spread of the Internet

As a result of above, we have been given many opportunities and challenge as much as we want. Life is short, If you have something you want to do, you should do it.


I broke up with my that time partner a year before I moved to NZ whom I had been dating for 6 years. I thought I could not waste her precious life for a person’s decision trying to make a reckless challenge that I do not know what would happen.

Also, I did not want to be able to run away if I was in trouble just because there was a place to go home. I did not want to make family as an excuse.

“My chose my life unwillingly”

I did not want to say that.

With the spread of the internet, the differences in ability such as location, gender, language, and experience have decreased considerably. 

You do not know unless you try.

“Life Theater” Let’s do what you want to do.

Builder’s obligation and Designer’s responsibilities

Builder and designer rights and obligations

Owner responsibilities

Building Act 2004 Section 14B: An owner is responsible for –
Obtaining any necessary:

  • Consents – Building Consent and / or Resource Consent before building starts.
  • Approvals – for amendments to Building Consent documents
  • Certificates – CCC, COA, CPU (as appropriate)

Ensuring that building work carried out by the owner complies

  • with the building consent or,
  • if there is no building consent, with the building code

Ensuring compliance with any notices to fix.

Owner-builder responsibilities

Building Act 2004 Section 14C: An owner-builder is responsible for –
Ensuring that restricted building work is carried out

  • under the owner-builder exemption
  • complies with the building consent and
  • the plans and specifications to which the building consent relates

For more information see Owner-Builder Exemptions.

Designer responsibilities

All designers

Responsibilities of all designers are defined by the Building Act 2004 Section 14D:
In subsection (2), designer means

  • a person who prepares plans and specifications for building work or
  • who gives advice on the compliance of building work with the building code

A designer is responsible for ensuring that the plans and specifications or the advice

  • are sufficient to result in the building work complying with the building code,
  • if the building work were properly completed in accordance with the plans, specifications or advice

Designer Licensed Building Practitioners

Responsibilities of LBPs under Building Act 2004, section 45(3) and section 88

  • If the designer is a Registered Architect or a CPENG Engineer or a Licensed Building Practitioner, it is their responsibility to provide a certificate of work to the building owner and local council when they apply for a BC.
  • If the designer has supervised any RBW construction then when this is finished they must also supply the client with a Record of Work form which the client needs to supply council when they apply for a CCC.
  • Designer LBP’s must be licensed in the design class.
  • They are responsible for designing of primary structures, the weathertight elements, or fire safety systems on residential buildings and these may be classified as “Restricted Building Work” (RBW).
  • They must be competent to carry out this essential work on residential building structures or weathertightness and the RBW of these designs need to comply with the building code.

Registered Architects

Building Act 2004 Section 14D (as above).
Registered Architects must comply with the Registered Architect Rules 2006.

  • Section 7 (2)(p) and section 21(a) RE: Minimum standards: must understand and comply with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Section 47: Uphold the law: must abide by the professional codes of ethics and conduct
  • Section 49: Show care and due diligence

Chartered Professional Engineers

Building Act 2004 Section 14D (as above).
CPENG engineers must comply with the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Rules (no 2) 2002 –

  • Section 43: Take reasonable steps to safeguard health and safety of people.
  • The New Zealand Building Code defines the minimum level of health and safety performance that a building design must meet.

Builder responsibilities

Building Act 2004 Section 14E:

In subsection (2), builder means any person who carries out building work, whether trade or not.
A builder is responsible for –

  • ensuring that the building work complies with the building consent and
  • the plans and specifications to which the building consent relates
  • ensuring that building work not covered by a building consent complies with the building code

A licensed building practitioner who carries out or supervises restricted building work is responsible for –

  • ensuring that the restricted building work is carried out or
  • supervised in accordance with the requirements of this Act; and
  • ensuring that he or she is licensed in a class for carrying out or
  • supervising that restricted building work

Starting my own business came across my mind while I was travelling on the train

In 1996, I was an university student at the age of 21years,
I chose the first company where I work just because I was comfortable and gives me the stability, just like any other people around me.
White-collar work, easy sales without having to bring new sales.
The stability of the industry and that the company being the large corporate was a peace of mind.

I joined the company without any hesitation believing that is the right decision.
I ignored my heart and chose only by the conditions before me.

After that, everything went fine.
The results at work, relationship with the boss, peers, family, girlfriend and the customers were all going very well.

I did everything I can for our customers. That was fun.
I spent twice as much of the time compared to others at work. I liked it.
However, since it was a business, I often had a lot of time going to eat and drink.

However, I felt quite unease at the company atmosphere.
In particular, all the co-workers were continuously complaining about the company, the boss, the companions, and the customers when they got together.

My belief was try and improve if that is going to make myself happier.
Most of them paid attention on extraneous things such as not to leave work unless the boss left, don’t talk nonsense at the meeting ..

I was surprised that the salary was almost the same for those who did their best and those who did not. Even though the result is by 10 times different, salary changed by only a few percent.
I thought this was also not right.

There was no feeling of discomfort nor complaints to others.
My life was different from others, so I continued to make efforts for the company and my future.


The word that made me happy at those times,

“I want to buy from MICKEY, not from the company.”

When I was told for the first time, I was almost in tears.
I wasn’t expecting it or maybe I was happy that I was told by a professor who is said to be a highly paid teacher.

And the number of customers who said such things was increasing.
However, the “feeling of strangeness” increased with respect to the words, rather than the emotions when they were said for the first time .

This was all thanks to the efforts of the founder who gave me this opportunity.
I was only taking the credit from it. That is not my power. “I don’t like that.” I was starting to notice that.
However, there was myself who did not have the courage to do anything.
Because the company is big, it’s a super stable industry, and so on. .. ..

Meanwhile, among the customers who were supporting me,
I got into trouble and helped them without seeking a reward. As a way of appreciation, they took me for the first overseas trip in my life.

It was only the first day that made me very happy, my heart gradually became empty. The more I was evaluated and kindly treated by others, the more I felt that I was powerless.

I have this wonderful time because of the company.
I felt at unease because I was only here today without any effort.

On the other hand,
unfortunately as a cruel reality, as long as I am in this company, I felt like I couldn’t do “cool things”
such as “taking a young man on an overseas trip on my own” like my customer did for me.

“I want to be the one who can treat others’  feeling became stronger.

Meanwhile, while watching the beautiful sunset of Saipan on the evening bus on the third day of my trip,

“I will start a business”

I swore that.
I remember the music that was playing at that time.
And I quit the company.

After that, I changed my job.
But nothing was satisfying. I felt like I
didn’t understand the meaning of living and said,
“I will do what I want to do and die early.”

Then, I took a peace boat around the earth.
It was a school trip in my life. It was so much fun.
After getting off the ship, I worked for a few months, but it was impossible.
The heart was already dead.

And I don’t know why, but while looking at my favourite Ikebukuro station building in the morning on the Saikyo line train,

” I’ll start a business in a place no one knows me, no money, profession, connections, no words, just from the zero”

I was ready to give my life. I decided to prepare. I was happier with the feeling of being alive than with fear. There was a lot of energy or excitement.

And came to New Zealand by the working holidays but not to rest.

“Going on a trip to change your life”

Electronic Signature, which software would suit you?

There are many software out there….
Adobe Sign
You can track and manage documents you’ve sent for e-signing by going to the Home view and selecting For Signature under shared. You’ll see a list of all documents pending signature, all signed documents, and an activity audit trail. The receiver doesn’t need to create an account for signing.

Docu Sign
On your DocuSign home screen, the overview tab will show you at-a-glance just how many documents are waiting for action to be taken. From there, you can take a deeper dive into individual envelopes so that, if needed, you can follow up on customers with complete clarity. A DocuSign envelope is like a sophisticated, digital version of that courier’s envelope – containing recipient information, documents, document fields, and timestamps that indicate delivery progress. They also contain information about the sender, security and authentication information. The receiver doesn’t need to create and account for signing.
The above two software has pretty much similar function and system. So how do we choose ?
It can be the planning prices. It can be what is most priority for you? This is what was suggested…

Adobe Sign for SMBs
If you’re just looking for a simple e-signature solution for your business, Adobe Sign is a little more expensive than DocuSign at the mid-range but gives you everything you need to sign and send business documents.

DocuSign for Enterprise
If your company size dictates that you’ll need a large number of users to send PDFs or integrate with multiple pieces of software, DocuSign can scale with your business with a full battery of features and support options.

Electronic signature has been around for a while, thanks to the technology being enabling it. However, Electronic signatures are, arguably, less secure than a traditional signature because of the possibility of a third party intercepting the electronic document and extracting and using that signature.
Here are what is under NZ law.
Part 4 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (CCLA) (previously the Electronic Transactions Act 2002) clarifies the legal requirements regarding electronic signatures.

When can I use an Electronic Signature?

Subject to a few exceptions referred to further below, the general position under the CCLA is that electronic signatures can be used and will be considered just as valid as written signatures as long as certain requirements are met and the parties consent. This means in practice you can sign the following documents electronically:

Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate;
Commercial agreements;
Leasing documentation;
Director resolutions;
Shareholder resolutions; and
Trustee Resolutions

When can I not use an Electronic Signature?

Schedule 5 of the CCLA provides a list of examples where an electronic signature cannot be used. These include but are not limited to:

Wills, codicils or other testamentary instruments;
Statutory Declarations;
Other documents that are given on oath or affirmation;
Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney; and
Information that is required to be given in writing in person, unless the person receiving the electronic signatures consents.

What about deeds?

Best practice is for the witness to be physically present (not by audio-visual technology) when observing the director’s electronic signature. The usual requirements in relation to witnesses still apply to electronic signatures i.e. the witness should not be a party to the deed and should be adequately identified by stating their name, address and occupation.

Is an electronically signed document an “original”?

Yes. If a document has been signed electronically it will constitute an original document provided the electronic signing method reliably assures the integrity of the document. In practice this means taking steps to ensure that the document cannot be tampered with or changed after signing (other than by using the same amendment rules that apply to wet ink documents).

Your true “ability”

Whether like it or not, your true “ability” will appear when you are working from home.

There are times when a person’s true “ability” appears even if he or she does not want. This is a bit of pain of reality revealed.

In most cases, the person is unaware of that reality while it’s easy for others to find out.

When do these happen? I came across four timings from my own experience. I will list it below as a precautionary statement.

・ When you get some free time

The famous quote “person stays away and do a bad thing”. The free time you have is when you use it wisely. DO things you cannot normally do and study for the future when you are free.

Times when you are banned from going out for one month in the whole country, your ability and attitude is how and what you do. Moreover, working remotely will show how the work will be done under the responsibility of that person.

Then, its will be easy to be known who actually was creating the obstacle .

When you’re busy, you can use the excuse as “busy”, and when you’re together, you can blame on others. However, if you are working remotely, excuses are not possible.

It can be said that this is an adverse effect of remote work. . . .

・ In case of trouble

This has been said for a long time as a person. In such time in need for support, a person shows more of a true nature than an ability.

In other words, the real pleasure of life is

What do you do at this time?

Sometimes you can be trapped by others. Some people get out of control without realizing it. As for me, I try and think what I should do when I am in trouble.

What we can do to improve.

1. To see the essence of things

2. Face the troubles you experienced rather than running away from them

3. Finally, always live with preparing for such times

Here, when I say prepare, it does not mean to stock up. A small effort you make each day that is what we need to stock. At fun times, people surround you. However, I think it is important in life to live a life that is kind to you and others as much as possible so that you can reach out when you are in trouble. That will make a fun and pleasant life.

・ Getting promoted

The more you go up, the more exposed you are with your ability. You must be better than your subordinates because the level of work levels up too.

In addition, when you pass the age of 30, the world will consider you of being capable being a manager.

In other words, work is all about keeping the promise.

Furthermore, in easy words

we must “deliver the results” to the company by the deadline.

However, unless you gained the basic strength your 20s, it is difficult. . . .

When you do not understand in 5 seconds

“The basic essence of the basics as a person”

If a person does not understand in 5 seconds, or does not get it at all after repeated talk. It is most likely that they won’t understand over the next 500 years,

If one have decided that we will not do that for the next three generations !!

There is no point to teach nor to be with me.

Unfortunately, they will only take away your time and energy of others.

Interestingly, such people demand to be taught 1-100, but when in a position to teach or hand over, there will not even follow the steps 1-5. 

When there is too much information up to 1-100, I cannot work because there is too much information.
Many checklists are out for you. When I ask why not using the checklist, its most of the time because they don’t know how to use it.


After all, if there are people who cannot keep their promises, and always teach me, there are cruel reality that they are sucking the profits and energy inside the company like a vampire as well as outside customers This is something we should recognize.

When I look at the experience of the managers in NZ over the past 14 years and other companies when I was an employee in Japan, they are not bad or anything. It is simply ” lack of study ” from the hiring side

Somehow, today this is one of the reality that I do not want to see or know.

However, Life is so interesting because that is part of the Life Theater and one of the fun things.

Thinking from New Zealand. Start small and grow big ..this is the way of business

My belief…Starting small and continuous effort leads to the success. This is important nowadays.

To keep up with the speed of the world, we need to keep everything light and small.

This is because in today’s world of fast development in technologies, changes in tastes, we have no choice but to change direction.

Rather, what is required is the ability of “Skills in adapting and the courage to change” .

The smaller we are, the less pain we would end up in the worst.

However, when large number of people or a large amount of money is invested, there will be many unknown obstacles that eventually enlarge and destroy the wound.

Even if it’s small, we must clarify what we are committed to and not.

I think it’s important to be clear before you do it.

When I think about it, I try to represent everything on one picture, no matter how big a plan is. The following image is for building a house,

The most important thing on the plan is “WHO ?” 

OUTPUT Final goal of the plan

WHY Why are we doing this

HOW How to do it

After that, in the time frame we need to predict the events, including the unforeseen negative impacts, the role for each, when you need money, etc. If you have set the mainstream right, I think that the whole plan shall be clear.

From my experience, it is very common to get the project out of line. There are also times when you lose sight of the essence.

Of course, depending on the type of industry, the number matters and being big is better. However, in the last few years, I have witnessed a major Japanese company trying business in New Zealand and closing with no success.

I think it is due to the lack of knowledge about the local situation. Spending too much money but not having enough cashflow causing the failure.

Most of the time, companies are “destroyed when they run out of money. 

Looking around in New Zealand, companies that are “optimizing, not maximizing” continue to grow steadily. Chinese companies are especially prominent.

Most people think Chinese companies start big , but many companies are starting small, and companies that have been operating for more than 10 years have “a trust in the market = a mechanism to earn”, of value = There brand “ . I really learn from those.


Lockdown in NZ

Hi All,

Hope you are all happy and safe!

On the day of the second week of the lockdown in NZ, I was watching the kids riding on their bikes on the road ….the street is quiet. No cars nor people. The whole street was just for us, how exciting is that for the kids ?!

Despite the strict rule surrounding this lockdown, we were very blessed to say the kids were able to find new things to do and be creative. We have a very supportive school who communicates and checks up on how we all are coping from day to day.

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