I have given the instruction 3years ago!!

A strong word from Professor Ichikura’s lecture. The president of a good growing company is currently creating the future. The question was, how can they do that without taking the president’s time in the event of an immediate emergency? His answer was, “Everything is under control because I gave the instructions three years ago.”

I think this is cool. The speed these days are a little too fast, so I think it will be enough even a year ago. Most importantly, we must always take the initiative, be aware of the signs of change, make many decisions and prepare very well.

Mr. Ichikura always makes the decision, that is the president’s job. Employees are the ones to take those actions. The company where the president runs and take actions is weak and easy to collapse.

It has been about 3-4 months since I heard this word. I think of this word everyday and try follow his word. Things are getting better. In the past, I used to leave various decisions to others, but now it’s different. I believe that the president should make all the important decisions. In particular, I think the president should focus on the following decisions.

1. Creating the future 2. Handling complaints 3. Hiring and training


1. Have everything prepared so that I can say that everything is under control because I gave instructions 1 year ago.

2. The job of the president is to make decision.

3. Focus should be on future creation, complaint handling, human resource and  development