The story of Miss KYABAKURA(Hostess Club) who became TOP among 3000 hostesses

Recently, I have been receiving more and more concerns about the future from women or female friends including hostess friends at the hostess club.

There is a story I like that seems to be useful at these times. I read it in a business book somewhere, but I cannot remember where … I cannot find it on the internet either, so I will write it down in NOTE.

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The story needs a little preface, but as Adler says

100% of your worries are interpersonal relationships. 

Ultimately, if you are the only one on earth, you will not care about clothes or educational background. Also, the other person does not care about you as much as you think.

Some people may not like their faces and abilities, but life is a theatre, like riding a gambling train until you die. If you are unlucky, your bet (selection) was wrong, then THE END.

When you think of life as gambling, your face and abilities are the first five cards in mah-jong and poker.

There is no point in complaining about the distribution and the cards dealt. It will not improve the results nor will be any supporters.

The most interesting part in life is, even with a card like a pig, if your next card is good, and with ingenuity, you can beat the opponent who has a stronger card. 

Life is a gambling train, so luck can make a big difference.

I’ve lived for 46 years, but in order to get lucky on the gambling train, I think that the best way to think about it is to “live a healthy life loved by God .”

People who are loved by God are those who enjoy the game without complaining to the players around smiling but GIVE than RECEIVE, even though it is an unpleasant arrangement. I love the flowers blooming in the other person’s heart, even though it is nothing that I benefit from. God would like a healthy person like this.

And, in my experience, God really gives me a lot of PRESENT.

The word PRESENT in English means NOW and GIFT.

PRESENT= a gift. So, cherish this moment “now and here”. God may be angry, if people are not smiling and all the unpleasant the worst can happen.

Because it’s the worst to just receive a PRESENT from another person and not thank or thank him. Such a person will not usually attract the opposite sex. 

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Returning to the main subject,

The story was about 1 girl(Hostess) who worked in a Hostess club in Hokkaido, who became the top Hostess among the 3000 girls.

Her face was normal. There were even more good looking girls. It seems that her personality, her feelings, and her concern were also normal. However, there is a story that shows why this hostess became the TOP.

When the customer gave her a tip of 10,000 yen, she would refuse. Normally, anyone would like to receive more. .. .. .. However, after the customer persistently asked her to, “Please take the tip.”, she would always refuse.

The she would rather tell the customer, “Then, can you give me only 1000 yen?” The customer will be “What? Why?” surprised. Then the girl whispers in his ear,

“Because it’s your precious money, I want to spend it carefully. So, I want you to rather eat your favourite ramen and spend on yourself. I’m happy just that.”

This was already grasping the man’s heart and feeling. However, this was not just the end. The next time she meets the customer, she would tell him

“This is the precious money change from last time.”

Then she would return the change.

This is not the about the amount of money, “My heart is talking”

There aren’t many girls like this anymore, and because of their “attractiveness as a person”, it won’t be a battle with a hostess who only has the good looks.

Hostess club is a place to enjoy the feel of romance therefore such story is the true essence in the business. I believe business = partial pseudo-marriage, so this story is also useful in business.


1. GIVE more than what you receive

2. Enjoy pseudo-romance and partial pseudo-marriage

3. Focus on the true attractiveness as a person