From the perspective of architecture, a person can ruin the city, or a pervert that may bring the city back to life.

I have been thinking what I can do, how I can contribute to revitalize Japan. It may sound exaggerated but seriously, I start talking to the investors.

Mr. D, an investor talked me in for 2hours…

 “Atami is totally dead”  “BnB has no future”
So narrow it down to the cities that is profitable, do whatever you want to do, and move on to the next place.

As expected, such statement comes from someone whose background went through robbing, exploiting, discriminating for 500 years.

 >> In the end, I got it.
 The story itself is quite rational and easy to understand.

The background and culture are basically not considered. From the perspective of whether or not you will make money in the short term. Basically, only people who are at a minimum should be happy.
That is the correct answer, of course. It is considered by some to be the right choice.

However, I have been wondering such thoughts or decision won’t make everyone in the long run. I felt sick about the thought of not being able to make the fun decision that eventually bring happiness in life for the people.
I went to the beach for a walk……

Actually, there is no correct answer to it. 

In a foreign land, if I thought only to make a profit, ignored the feelings of people and the ambience and culture of the town, just kept on building for the beneficial of investors…move on to the next location….
After 100 years, how will my grandchildren be? Will they ever get any support from someone? This came across my mind. That is not only the reason, but I was able to grasp the greatness of Japan’s ancestors. 

A hundred years ago,  “exploitation and killing” was for the benefit of its homeland for them.
On the other hand, as an individual person who now have a little time to spare , acted by thinking about what they could do to the extremely poor people in front of them.

When it comes to making a decision, one thing that matters.
“don’t let your grandchildren laugh as a person in future generations.”

With that in mind, I thought about the differences with
the ethnic groups who mainly adhered to the development of local people, such as hospitals, infrastructure, education, political systems, etc., which advanced the local modernization .

Taiwanese and Filipino people(Japanophilo) who put their profits and losses aside and yet can do various things for the benefit of others….are still here.

I felt…

“The soul remains” that is far more valuable.


There are people who asks. Is there anything that we can do for the city that is dead? 

While taking a walk, I talked with I, who loves design, and M, who loves Japan.
They both said,
” I want to do it because the city is dead”
They must be crazy!

Life becomes interesting and exciting because such people with craziness does exists. If life is only about making 1+1=2, we cannot make a life theatre but becomes dull.

If everyone were just rational, it would never be fun but lonely. 
There may be something that we can do. That was it.

I thought it is not too bad to be a pervert!


Atami, which was incredibly famous in Japan, came down due to the rise of foreign countries, but it was also because it was developed by investors/companies from speculative purposes.

Also, it is a city that has been damaged by speculations such as giving a high image and thinking only by adhesion, ignoring all the scenery and culture of the city.

Atami was once the most favourite place to visit for everyone. It takes only 40 minutes by bullet train to the hot springs and the sea and Mt. Fuji from Tokyo. It is really close, so it’s easy to go, and I think it’s a hidden gem. For me personally, my favourite is always the 8th in the class.

After all, “passion that cannot be yielded” is the true freedom.  “I like the idea of pervert that goes beyond immediate profit and loss.”

The city is connected to the past, present and future, not just our own at present. With that in mind, I shall plan what I want to do.