The form of love that people around you show when choosing a way of life (especially work)

“See the reality, choose the solid path.”

That is what people tell you, they do care about you when saying this.

This word is quite heavy.

People like to say “ It is better for the future, it is better for the family”

I wonder…Can they take responsibility in their words or other’s choice and decision?”

The most devastating moment is when you are told that “My life was very boring because of you”.

Who knows, your partner may have an affair and leave. Who knows, they may get sick unexpectedly and cost you arm and leg for the medical expense ?

I am not saying you should make a selfish decision. I wonder what it will be like if you live by suppressing your true feelings, or if you care too much about the others. Is it ok to have such strong constraint in your feeling?

If you look at companies, schools, and households where the world is severely constrained or detained, you may see some fragmentary answers.

On the contrary, when the family member decide to challenge,

“I will do my best for you, so don’t worry about your home, do whatever you want.”

“I’m confident I’ll be happy being with you”, so do whatever you like

“I am with you even if we are out on the street without the roof”

There are quite a few strange people who say that.

Of course, these may be heavy words too, though at least, it has been said with respect and accept the other person’s thoughts as much as possible. I think it is deep word.


Realistically speaking

Collapse of lifetime employment

The rise of meritocracy

Spread of the Internet

As a result of above, we have been given many opportunities and challenge as much as we want. Life is short, If you have something you want to do, you should do it.


I broke up with my that time partner a year before I moved to NZ whom I had been dating for 6 years. I thought I could not waste her precious life for a person’s decision trying to make a reckless challenge that I do not know what would happen.

Also, I did not want to be able to run away if I was in trouble just because there was a place to go home. I did not want to make family as an excuse.

“My chose my life unwillingly”

I did not want to say that.

With the spread of the internet, the differences in ability such as location, gender, language, and experience have decreased considerably. 

You do not know unless you try.

“Life Theater” Let’s do what you want to do.