Starting my own business came across my mind while I was travelling on the train

In 1996, I was an university student at the age of 21years,
I chose the first company where I work just because I was comfortable and gives me the stability, just like any other people around me.
White-collar work, easy sales without having to bring new sales.
The stability of the industry and that the company being the large corporate was a peace of mind.

I joined the company without any hesitation believing that is the right decision.
I ignored my heart and chose only by the conditions before me.

After that, everything went fine.
The results at work, relationship with the boss, peers, family, girlfriend and the customers were all going very well.

I did everything I can for our customers. That was fun.
I spent twice as much of the time compared to others at work. I liked it.
However, since it was a business, I often had a lot of time going to eat and drink.

However, I felt quite unease at the company atmosphere.
In particular, all the co-workers were continuously complaining about the company, the boss, the companions, and the customers when they got together.

My belief was try and improve if that is going to make myself happier.
Most of them paid attention on extraneous things such as not to leave work unless the boss left, don’t talk nonsense at the meeting ..

I was surprised that the salary was almost the same for those who did their best and those who did not. Even though the result is by 10 times different, salary changed by only a few percent.
I thought this was also not right.

There was no feeling of discomfort nor complaints to others.
My life was different from others, so I continued to make efforts for the company and my future.


The word that made me happy at those times,

“I want to buy from MICKEY, not from the company.”

When I was told for the first time, I was almost in tears.
I wasn’t expecting it or maybe I was happy that I was told by a professor who is said to be a highly paid teacher.

And the number of customers who said such things was increasing.
However, the “feeling of strangeness” increased with respect to the words, rather than the emotions when they were said for the first time .

This was all thanks to the efforts of the founder who gave me this opportunity.
I was only taking the credit from it. That is not my power. “I don’t like that.” I was starting to notice that.
However, there was myself who did not have the courage to do anything.
Because the company is big, it’s a super stable industry, and so on. .. ..

Meanwhile, among the customers who were supporting me,
I got into trouble and helped them without seeking a reward. As a way of appreciation, they took me for the first overseas trip in my life.

It was only the first day that made me very happy, my heart gradually became empty. The more I was evaluated and kindly treated by others, the more I felt that I was powerless.

I have this wonderful time because of the company.
I felt at unease because I was only here today without any effort.

On the other hand,
unfortunately as a cruel reality, as long as I am in this company, I felt like I couldn’t do “cool things”
such as “taking a young man on an overseas trip on my own” like my customer did for me.

“I want to be the one who can treat others’  feeling became stronger.

Meanwhile, while watching the beautiful sunset of Saipan on the evening bus on the third day of my trip,

“I will start a business”

I swore that.
I remember the music that was playing at that time.
And I quit the company.

After that, I changed my job.
But nothing was satisfying. I felt like I
didn’t understand the meaning of living and said,
“I will do what I want to do and die early.”

Then, I took a peace boat around the earth.
It was a school trip in my life. It was so much fun.
After getting off the ship, I worked for a few months, but it was impossible.
The heart was already dead.

And I don’t know why, but while looking at my favourite Ikebukuro station building in the morning on the Saikyo line train,

” I’ll start a business in a place no one knows me, no money, profession, connections, no words, just from the zero”

I was ready to give my life. I decided to prepare. I was happier with the feeling of being alive than with fear. There was a lot of energy or excitement.

And came to New Zealand by the working holidays but not to rest.

“Going on a trip to change your life”