Your true “ability”

Whether like it or not, your true “ability” will appear when you are working from home.

There are times when a person’s true “ability” appears even if he or she does not want. This is a bit of pain of reality revealed.

In most cases, the person is unaware of that reality while it’s easy for others to find out.

When do these happen? I came across four timings from my own experience. I will list it below as a precautionary statement.

・ When you get some free time

The famous quote “person stays away and do a bad thing”. The free time you have is when you use it wisely. DO things you cannot normally do and study for the future when you are free.

Times when you are banned from going out for one month in the whole country, your ability and attitude is how and what you do. Moreover, working remotely will show how the work will be done under the responsibility of that person.

Then, its will be easy to be known who actually was creating the obstacle .

When you’re busy, you can use the excuse as “busy”, and when you’re together, you can blame on others. However, if you are working remotely, excuses are not possible.

It can be said that this is an adverse effect of remote work. . . .

・ In case of trouble

This has been said for a long time as a person. In such time in need for support, a person shows more of a true nature than an ability.

In other words, the real pleasure of life is

What do you do at this time?

Sometimes you can be trapped by others. Some people get out of control without realizing it. As for me, I try and think what I should do when I am in trouble.

What we can do to improve.

1. To see the essence of things

2. Face the troubles you experienced rather than running away from them

3. Finally, always live with preparing for such times

Here, when I say prepare, it does not mean to stock up. A small effort you make each day that is what we need to stock. At fun times, people surround you. However, I think it is important in life to live a life that is kind to you and others as much as possible so that you can reach out when you are in trouble. That will make a fun and pleasant life.

・ Getting promoted

The more you go up, the more exposed you are with your ability. You must be better than your subordinates because the level of work levels up too.

In addition, when you pass the age of 30, the world will consider you of being capable being a manager.

In other words, work is all about keeping the promise.

Furthermore, in easy words

we must “deliver the results” to the company by the deadline.

However, unless you gained the basic strength your 20s, it is difficult. . . .

When you do not understand in 5 seconds

“The basic essence of the basics as a person”

If a person does not understand in 5 seconds, or does not get it at all after repeated talk. It is most likely that they won’t understand over the next 500 years,

If one have decided that we will not do that for the next three generations !!

There is no point to teach nor to be with me.

Unfortunately, they will only take away your time and energy of others.

Interestingly, such people demand to be taught 1-100, but when in a position to teach or hand over, there will not even follow the steps 1-5. 

When there is too much information up to 1-100, I cannot work because there is too much information.
Many checklists are out for you. When I ask why not using the checklist, its most of the time because they don’t know how to use it.


After all, if there are people who cannot keep their promises, and always teach me, there are cruel reality that they are sucking the profits and energy inside the company like a vampire as well as outside customers This is something we should recognize.

When I look at the experience of the managers in NZ over the past 14 years and other companies when I was an employee in Japan, they are not bad or anything. It is simply ” lack of study ” from the hiring side

Somehow, today this is one of the reality that I do not want to see or know.

However, Life is so interesting because that is part of the Life Theater and one of the fun things.