Thinking from New Zealand. Start small and grow big ..this is the way of business

My belief…Starting small and continuous effort leads to the success. This is important nowadays.

To keep up with the speed of the world, we need to keep everything light and small.

This is because in today’s world of fast development in technologies, changes in tastes, we have no choice but to change direction.

Rather, what is required is the ability of “Skills in adapting and the courage to change” .

The smaller we are, the less pain we would end up in the worst.

However, when large number of people or a large amount of money is invested, there will be many unknown obstacles that eventually enlarge and destroy the wound.

Even if it’s small, we must clarify what we are committed to and not.

I think it’s important to be clear before you do it.

When I think about it, I try to represent everything on one picture, no matter how big a plan is. The following image is for building a house,

The most important thing on the plan is “WHO ?” 

OUTPUT Final goal of the plan

WHY Why are we doing this

HOW How to do it

After that, in the time frame we need to predict the events, including the unforeseen negative impacts, the role for each, when you need money, etc. If you have set the mainstream right, I think that the whole plan shall be clear.

From my experience, it is very common to get the project out of line. There are also times when you lose sight of the essence.

Of course, depending on the type of industry, the number matters and being big is better. However, in the last few years, I have witnessed a major Japanese company trying business in New Zealand and closing with no success.

I think it is due to the lack of knowledge about the local situation. Spending too much money but not having enough cashflow causing the failure.

Most of the time, companies are “destroyed when they run out of money. 

Looking around in New Zealand, companies that are “optimizing, not maximizing” continue to grow steadily. Chinese companies are especially prominent.

Most people think Chinese companies start big , but many companies are starting small, and companies that have been operating for more than 10 years have “a trust in the market = a mechanism to earn”, of value = There brand “ . I really learn from those.