Lockdown in NZ

Hi All,

Hope you are all happy and safe!

On the day of the second week of the lockdown in NZ, I was watching the kids riding on their bikes on the road ….the street is quiet. No cars nor people. The whole street was just for us, how exciting is that for the kids ?!

Despite the strict rule surrounding this lockdown, we were very blessed to say the kids were able to find new things to do and be creative. We have a very supportive school who communicates and checks up on how we all are coping from day to day.

Through this time, Kindness has been an important theme among New Zealanders as the country comes together to fight a common enemy – the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supermarkets, pharmacy, Medical Clinics are considered as essential work. I cannot imagine how the workers are putting themselves in risk to serve for the community. I cannot thank enough to these support which keeps us going in our life.

Little kindness can make people happy, the chain of this heart can brace the people.

Here are some touching episodes that I would like to share.

Neighbours trying to reach out to each other..

Checking up on others if we can help in any way..

If we didn’t stop here, now, we probably carried on our lives as one of those days. I feel like this is the precious time that we are given to reset. It is totally up to YOU, this can be your chance forward.

Never forget, we need to stop and bless the people, bless the world.

Its only our week2, Stay home, keep safe everyone!

<<  Recipe>>

Antiviral Drink

1-2 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in cup of hot water

( Can add a bit of lemon or honey for flavour)

Powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant drink!!